Unleash the power of telehealth

Inspiring prevention and teleconsultation technologies


A health checkup on 26 parameters in 6 minutes for personalized prevention support and precise medical diagnosis by teleconsultation.


The innovative AiPod and Health Lounge health kiosks and mobility solutions meet all the needs of telemedicine.


Bodyo's telehealth solution addresses medical deserts, facilitates access to care, promotes preventive health for employees, well-aging of our seniors.

A 360° telehealth solution

Bodyo provides a health checkup on 26 vital parameters in 6 minutes thanks to smart, intuitive, and futuristic health and teleconsultation kiosks, as well as state-of-the-art digital solutions to bring users the best possible experience throughout their health and wellness journey.

The AiPod, Health Lounge and our mobility solutions capture and analyze accurate and reliable health data collected through integrated medical-grade physiological sensors. Their AI processing and health scoring make Bodyo a relevant tool to support teleconsultation and longitudinal epidemiological monitoring of people’s health.

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5P Medicine

Bodyo’s approach meets the criteria of 5P medicine, which aims to simplify the patient journey and reduce healthcare costs.


Identify abnormalities at an early stage with the health checkup.


Adopt a logic of prevention to avoid curative measures, think wellbeing before illness.


People are unique and have their own needs and characteristics.


People take their health in hand and become actors of their own wellbeing.


Proof of service to patients must be established.

Meeting the needs of telemedicine

Whether you are a healthcare institution, a local authority, a pharmacy or a retailer, a corporation or a health insurance company, a nursing home, or an assisted living facility, in the wellness, fitness or sports sectors. Bodyo allows you to meet the expectations of your patients, constituents, customers, employees, residents or members in terms of prevention and health care through its tailored telehealth solutions.

For more details about the AiPod and Health Lounge health kiosks, and our services, we invite you to download our brochure.