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Prevention and health at the heart of Bodyo

Bodyo is part of a preventive-health process which, at the end of the health checkup, leads to a preventive support program or to a teleconsultation for curative health.

Basic Features Of Bodyo

By default, the AiPod and Health Lounge can perform 26 physiological measurements in 6 minutes. These measurements are:


Body mass index (BMI)

Body composition

Body fat mass
Fat-free body mass
Lean body mass
Muscle mass
Bone mineral content


Basal metabolic rate
Energy requirements
Body cell mass


Oxygen saturation
Arterial elasticity
Arterial stiffness
Maximum heart rate
Heart rate variability
Heart rate
Respiratory rate


Hydration of fat-free body mass
Total body hydratation
Intracellular fluid volume (ICFV)
Extracellular fluid volume (ECFV)

Blood pressure

Systolic pressure
Diastolic pressure
Mean arterial pressure


Thanks to regular remote monitoring, Bodyo is part of a voluntary approach to prevention and pre-diagnosis of chronic diseases (obesity, diabetes, heart and vascular diseases, osteoporosis), undernutrition and soon neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson and Alzheimer.
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A personal health and wellness assistant helps users, through a health score and other indicators, to track their progress, access personalized services and prevention programs, and communicate with their community and health professionals.

Owning your health is an everyday goal


Bodyo measures physiological indicators that can be shared with health professionals.


Bodyo offers a comprehensive catalog of over 1,000 effective and easy-to-follow exercises tailored to everyone’s needs.


Bodyo contains 20,000 recipes that are used to create personalized food plans.


Bodyo takes into account sleep indicators whose quality directly affects health and mood.

Monitor, share and engage

Bodyo provides a whole range of reliable tools to better take care of people’s health,

Bodyo makes it all available at fingertips through its iOS and Android apps: health score, notifications, progress monitoring, milestones and achievements, data sharing with authorized contacts,

Bodyo is the perfect app for people on the go and offers a multitude of services (soon).


The prevention pathway is enriched by a unique experience of teleconsultation through specific sensors integrated into the health kiosks. They are equally suited to consultations with general practitioners and specialists such as ENT specialists, cardiologists, pneumologists and dermatologists.

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A 360° Telehealth Concept





Patients position the sensors under instructions from the doctors, who control them remotely and receive the measurements in real time to make an accurate diagnosis to prescribe the right medication. An electronic prescription is sent directly to patients’ mobile application, who can then pick up their medication at the nearest pharmacy.