Telehealth solutions for all needs

Medical deserts and access to care

With over 50% of the world’s population lacking access to essential health services, access to care has become a major health issue. Far from affecting only developing countries, this phenomenon is increasingly present even in developed countries. No less than 8 million people in France and 91 million in the United States live in “red” zones commonly known as medical deserts.

Practical and effective responses to medical deserts

In order to alleviate medical deserts, Bodyo offers adapted turnkey telehealth solutions to local authorities, pharmacies and retailers to bring prevention and health services closer to people who suffer the greatest inequalities of treatment in health care.

Access to care for all

The challenge for hospitals, clinics and medical centers is to facilitate and optimize access to care while simplifying the patient pathway, for both urban and rural populations. This is achieved through a system of prevention and early detection of chronic diseases to limit the curative approach, which is just as costly in financial as in human terms.

Bodyo benefits:

  • Access to care facilitated by teleconsultation for populations in so-called “medical desert” areas,
  • Longitudinal remote monitoring of patients by their doctor,
  • Health data available at any time via web and mobile applications,
  • Sharing of data with the family doctor or doctors at the local medical center.

Prevention and health at the workplace

Prevention has become one of the pillars of occupational health at a time when the development of chronic diseases in the corporate world is intensifying and the cost of absenteeism is reaching new records.

For a healthy work environment and a balanced life for employees

Corporations and health insurance companies share the same objectives of improving the general wellbeing of employees to make them happier and more fulfilled, caring about the quality of life of employees to fight against absenteeism and lower productivity, and increasing employee engagement. Gamification is used in order to reconcile health and pleasure – when possible through a system of incentives and rewards.

Bodyo benefits:

  • Individualized longitudinal follow-up of all employees, those in good health and those with chronic illnesses,
  • Time saving through on-site medical visits and teleconsultations, allowing for greater responsiveness,
  • Positive effect on the company’s employer brand,
  • Reduced absenteeism and increased productivity,
  • Improved quality of life for employees.


While life expectancy has increased significantly around the world, there is still a great disparity in healthy longevity. Autonomy is becoming an essential concern, while in France the number of people who will lose their autonomy will increase by 70% by 2050.

Preserving health to age well

All stakeholders in the silver economy, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities and home care providers, are committed to meeting the challenges of well-aging and living independently. Whether it is a matter of improving the quality of care provided to seniors, reinforcing the prevention of chronic illnesses or health complications in nursing homes or at home, or giving more recognition to silver care professionals to make this sector more attractive.

Bodyo benefits:

  • Longitudinal health monitoring of seniors by the nursing staff or their family doctor,
  • Notification of abnormalities to caregivers,
  • Improvement of seniors’ autonomy,
  • Time optimization of caregivers and increased recognition of their work,
  • Preventing the development of chronic diseases or medical complications.


Everyone wants a healthy and happy life for themselves and their families. The Covid-19 pandemic has only exacerbated this need and made us realize how important it is to take care of ourselves. The motto “Mens sana in corpore sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body) has never been so relevant.

A quality of life and wellbeing recovered

The benefits of physical activity in general, and sports in particular, as well as an appropriate diet, are now recognized and supported by all health actors. Thus, wellness and fitness centers and sports clubs strongly contribute to the improvement of people’s health and quality of life by offering innovative solutions for monitoring, emulation and advice.

Bodyo benefits:

  • Health score and longitudinal health and well-being follow-up for a better support of their members,
  • Individualized support programs based on physiological metrics,
  • Increased member loyalty through advanced health and wellness services,
  • Positive effect on the brand of the centers and clubs,
  • Improved performance and quality of life of members.