About us

Developing innovative technology to inspire better health

Our vision

Bodyo’s vision is to have a societal impact by improving public health, reducing healthcare costs through prevention rather than curative health, detecting the risks of chronic diseases, involving healthcare professionals. The goal is to guide to aetter adoption of digital technology in the decision-making process, and empowering individuals towards “less-at-risk” behavior.

We care about people and take prevention and their health very seriously

Our mission is to create, manufacture, and market innovative telehealth devices that improve people’s health and wellbeing by helping them prevent the onset of chronic diseases and raising awareness through engaging and accessible prevention programs.

We value:

  • Out-of-the-box thinking to redefine systems and follow through on the best ideas
  • Design as a strategic asset, where making people feel safe and protected ensures broad adoption and sustainable results
  • State-of-the-art technology that is highly intuitive and fundamentally human
  • Adaptive and upgradable hardware to reduce costs and favor sustainability
  • Ethics that put data privacy and integrity first

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