Health and Gamification (1/3): let\’s discover the High Stakes of Corporate Wellness

What is Corporate Wellness?


Corporate wellness consists in implementing programs to help employees stay healthy. This concept, well established in the United States, is not yet so popular among French companies, with the exception of large international corporations. However, focusing on health as well as improving the working conditions of employees may well be the winning bet in the fight against corporate absenteeism.

Here are some figures about absenteeism in France: \”Annual losses caused by absenteeism amount to almost €107 billion, representing 4.7 points of GDP or 16% of paid salaries\” (Savall et al., 2018).

There are several elements in corporate wellness programs that help employees in a preventive way in order to apprehend and avoid frequent ailments such as burn out, stress or back problems and poor diet.

Remember that an office worker can spend over 8 hours a day sitting in front of a computer screen. Indeed, many are those to whom professional activity has led to a deterioration in their well-being in the long run. Therefore, it is necessary for them to find a new balance in their work rhythm. Large corporations such as Google have understood it very well; well-being at work is a key aspect in creating and maintaining a virtuous circle of healthy, happy and therefore motivated workers.

Thus, employees no longer feel that they are viewed and understood just as workers, but more in their entirety as individuals, since their company now cares about their health and individual well-being. Self-esteem is improved, as is their integrity and their connection to their company strengthened.

Corporate wellness an asset for the company

Still in our era, wellness does not come as a natural initiative for most businesses and there is no formal political or legislative framework around it. So it becomes imperative for organizations looking for a competitive advantage to begin integrating corporate wellness into their performance strategy.

The question that remains is to know how to take advantage of well-being as a differentiator as the interest of employers is primarily to improve the productivity of employees, by reducing absenteeism and inefficiency, due to physical or psychological health problems.

Such a program can attract and retain talents, a crucial challenge in increasingly competitive sectors, particularly in technology companies where certain profiles are in tension.

The implementation of programs that promote the idea of prevention is ultimately to focus on the good health of employees rather than acknowledging their illness once declared. It certainly requires financial and human resources, and partnerships, but that must be regarded as an investment.

How does Bodyo fit into corporate wellness?

We have seen that corporate wellness helps create healthy behaviors within the workplace to improve employees’ health. These may include health education (expertise, conferences, doctors, etc.), weight management programs, fitness facilities or wellness assessments.

In this area, we find that Bodyo, thanks to telehealth, its AIPod and health program mobile app, has all the attributes to create and make employees aware of the world of well-being and preventive health. With the AIPod, employees can directly conduct self-assessments, providing 26 vital readings in just 6 minutes.

Time being an important criterion in the corporate world, this assessment requires employees only a few minutes to undertake their first steps towards a better knowledge of their health and thus towards its improvement.

A purpose of this review is to point the finger at what needs to be improved or monitored. Subsequently, employees will get some advice, will be directed to activities or to change life habits tailored to their lifestyle, and even will be offered to consult with appropriate practitioners. Also, they will be able to follow their progress thanks to the mobile app. But above all, it will be a source of motivation and adhesion thanks to gamification.

Before going into this last point, it should be noted that it is with a complete and tailored approach that Bodyo fits into corporate wellness, thanks to the modern and accurate technology of its ergonomic AIPod and its application allowing for a global monitoring of users’ health and providing a great source of motivation in the long run.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that there are sources of reluctance among employees, such as data protection or the employer\’s sense of intrusion into their private sphere. This is why, in order to maximize ROI, it is crucial to opt for a suitable form that pleases employees (gamification) without the intrusion in their private sphere (respect of data). We will see how Bodyo integrates these elements into its corporate wellness approach.

Bodyo, the ideal partner for optimal corporate wellness engagement

Aware that health is a serious and private matter, Bodyo has implemented stringent data protection rules. Thus, employees\’ health data remains confidential. The main point of friction is then eliminated, or even turned to its advantage, since it may be more comfortable for employees to have a self-assessment made with an AIPod than a check-up with a corporate or an occupational health doctor.

Another key loyalty element to corporate wellness programs is gamification. Using game play mechanisms in a non-playful setting is a motivating factor. As a matter of fact, Bodyo’s strategy increases participants’ engagement.

Much more than an individual quest, gamification allows for cultivating a group mindset in terms of well-being; but for this a wellness program may not be enough. Keeping employees engaged and motivated is essential to ensure their success.

Initiations can take several forms:

  • Free subscriptions
  • Challenges between employees (badge, trophy, ranking, quiz…)
  • Reduced prices at wellness partners
  • Healthy eating provided by the company
  • Tracking tools
  • Service personalization

For example: The cooperation between the John Hancock Insurance Group and Fitbit that offers its policy holders to wear the connected bracelet to monitor their lifestyle and then to adapt their insurance premium according to their efforts.

Thus, the corporate wellness framework allows employees to adopt healthy habits in a fun way and to reconcile well-being with pleasure. This gaming structure gives employees a new sense of commitment and personal responsibility in getting better.

The potential benefits of gamification within a corporate wellness program are numerous, such as strengthening employee cohesion, increasing membership and adhesion to the program.

In conclusion

Corporate wellness programs are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of employees. They also bring added value to companies over the long term. Nevertheless, there are issues about reluctance from employees (confidentiality and lack of motivation), issues to which Bodyo has been able to provide solutions to through gamification and data protection. As you probably already figured out, the well-being of your employees is a competitive advantage not to be overlooked and Bodyo can accompany you in achieving your goals.

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