Step 3. Live Healthier


Start your healthy lifestyle NOW!

Unique health and wellness virtual assistant

Bodyo© has developed a unique health and wellness virtual assistant to connect end-users with healthcare professionals to inform them and guide them individually

Owning your health is an everyday goal


Bodyo© monitors vital data and wellness indicators. Bodyo© is the perfect platform for members to interact with professionals


Bodyo© has over 1,000 proven, effective and easy to follow exercices and trainings. Bodyo© offers basic, personalized and specific programs


Bodyo© offers 20,000 culinary recipes that can be used to create a personalized nutrition plan


The quality of sleep directly affects the health and happiness of each member. Bodyo© has the right solution to measure your sleep indicators.

Monitor, Share & Engage

  • We provide you with all the tools to take better care of yourself
  • Have it all at your fingertips through our app, enabling you to receive alerts, monitor progress and share history, milestones or achievements with friends, relatives, loved ones or healthcare professionals
  • Bodyo© is the perfect fitness and wellness app for people on the go
  • Bodyo© offers basic and specific programs, virtual coaching (over 1,000 fitness exercises) and over 20,000 culinary recipes that are effective and easy to follow

Gamification and reward system

Bodyo© is currently developping a gamification and reward system to encourage progress and good behavior to preserve a high adherence rate.

  • Reward your good health and wellness behavior thanks to our Bodyo© health utility token ! This reward will be redeemable at various health and wellness locations
  • Bodyo© token is a smart contract between an insider and a user posted on the block chain


By showing good health and wellness behavior

Healthy steps to get rewarded

Goverment and Health

#1  Government and Health Institutions
sets health goals for patients

Health check-up

#2  The patient goes to the BodyO Pod to have a health check-up

Smart Contract

#3  A “BodyO” (Smart contract) is created and placed in the patient’s Wallet

Exercise and Program

#4  The professional and the patient will agree to a new exercise regime and
program if needed

Add coins to your wallet

#5  As the patient exercises, coins are added to his wallet (tracked by wearable devices)

Reward Your Health

#6 Patient shows good health behaviour
and is rewarded for progress using a
BodyO Token

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