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Know yourself

AiPod & Health Lounge


AiPod: New generation
standalone self-service check-up station

  • Standalone device perfectly adapted for open spaces and areas with heavy traffic, which doesn’t require a private room.
  • An attractive and futuristic design that offers a unique, fun and intuitive self-monitoring experience.
  • Soundproofed for confidential teleconsultation calls with fully integrated medical-grade sensors.
  • Covid19-proof with outside body temperature control and automated disinfection technology.
Health lounge bilan de santé téléconsultation

Health Lounge: Ultimate station for a personalized and private check-up

  • Open device adaptable to all types of healthcare practices thanks to its contained footprint.
  • Ideal for individuals with disabilities and reduced mobility who require the assistance of caregivers.
  • Perfect to make a memorable experience to people in search of privacy and individualized care with no apprehension of use.
  • Covid19-proof with body temperature control outside of the room, and easy to clean and disinfect procedures.
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A revolutionary capsule at the forefront of innovation

  • Real-time capture of physiological data for a continuous and reliable health follow-up.
  • Real-World Data made available to doctors, scientists and the research community.
  • Enhanced privacy and data protection capability through pseudonymization and state-of-the-art data protection technology.

26 vital readings in 6 minutes

An integrated set of reliable medical-grade physiological sensors to monitor key health data points.


Height • Weight • Body Mass Index

Blood Pressure

Systolic • Diastolic • Pulse Rate

Body Composition

Fat Mass • Lean Mass • Bone Mineral Content


Basal Metabolic Rate • Energy Needs


Oxygen Saturation • Respiratory Rate • Arterial Rigidity


Total Body Water • Intracellular Water • Extracellular Water

Know yourself


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