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By showing good health and wellness behavior

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Reward your good health and wellness behavior thanks to our BodyO health utility token ! This reward will be redeemable at various health and wellness locations.

BodyO token is a smart contract between an insider and a user posted on the block chain.

Healthy steps to get rewarded

Goverment and Health

Government and Health Institutions

sets health goals for patients

Health check-up

The patient goes to the BodyO Pod to have a health check-up

Smart Contract

A “BodyO” (Smart Contract) is created

and placed in the patient’s Wallet

Exercise and Program

The professional and the patient will agree to a new exercise regime and program if needed

Add coins to your wallet

As the patient exercises, coins are added to his wallet (tracked by wearable devices)

Reward Your Health

Patient shows good health behaviour and is rewarded for progress using a BodyO Token