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BodyO is the best web and app platform for a healthier (and happier) life !

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Nutrition Santé

BodyO propose 20 000 recettes culinaires pouvant être utilisées pour créer un plan de nutrition personnalisé.

Sleep FR

The quality of sleep directly affects the health and happiness of each member. BodyO has the right solution to measure your sleep indicators. FR

Activity FR

BodyO has over 1,000 proven, effective and easy to follow exercices and trainings. BodyO offers basic, personalized and specific programs.

Health FR

BodyO monitors vital data and wellness indicators. BodyO is the perfect platform for members to interact with professionals. FR

Your health, our priority FR

We aim to increase people’s overall health and happiness whilst lowering obesity levels, chronic heart diseases and improving early detection of diabetes.

We have developed a unique set of tools to monitor health, prevent serious illnesses and provide data on usage, engagement and improvement.

Coaching FR

BodyO is the perfect fitness and wellness app for people on the go.

BodyO offers basic and specific programs, virtual coaching (over 1,000 fitness exercises) and 20,000 culinary recipes that are effective and easy to follow.

Track, Share & Engage FR

We provide you with all the tools to take better care of yourself.

Have it all at your fingertips through our app, enabling you to receive alerts, monitor progress and share history, milestones or achievements with friends, relatives, loved ones or Health Care professionals.

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