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Know Yourself Français

The AI POD end Français

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baz-bodyo-01-1222 baz-bodyo-01-1221
Get a new generation FULL BODY CHECK-UP Français

Our self-service one-stop AI Pod health capsule combines 19 metrics with the ability to track a wide range of vital parameters in less than 10 minutes. Français

Our solution is non-invasive, easy to use and accurate ! Once your check up is done, all vital information is accessible on your phone and linked to basic nutrition, sport and health programs. Français

Measurements FR

Blood Pressure fr

Systolic • Diastolic • Pulse Rate • Blood Pressure

Metabolism FR

Hydration FR

Whole Hydration • Intracellular Water • Extracellular Water

Body Glucose FR

Blood Sugar • Hemoglobin • Oxygen Saturation • Blood Flow Velocity

Body Composition FR

Fat Mass • Lean Mass • Bone Mineral Content

Biometrics FR

Hight • Weight •Body Mass Index

BodyO - AI Pod FR

See more detailed tutorial about AI Pod. Which as much as possible will tell about our project.