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Free health tests

Bodyo©'s flagship proposal is to offer a free, fast, walk-in and non-invasive health test to those in need.
It will simplify the patient journey, optimize the information given to patients and place them at the center of health and well-being

Supported Devices and Apps

The Bodyo© app can pair with most of the latest fitness wearables, connected trackers and devices !
All the data gets plugged into our app in order to give you a complete overview of your vital informations.
No space is wasted on your phone, a single app is needed : Bodyo©


Smart Watches

Weighing Scales


Free Subscription
  • Monitor your health
  • Track & log nutrition
  • Track & log sleep data
  • Dashboard presentation
  • Upload workouts from 50+ devices and mobile apps
  • Prescribed workouts
  • GPS tracking
  • Plan future workouts
  • Virtual coaching / nutritionist (coming soon)
  • Build and use unlimited workout libraries
  • Build and use unlimited recipe libraries
  • Premium training plans
  • Buy special plans on demand