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For Business

BodyO is relevant approach for 4P Health care : Predictive, Preventive, Personalized and Participatory.

It will reduce exorbitant health expenditures by simplifying the patient journey and practicing prevention rather than care.

Next step: telemedicine and tele-consultation !

For Governments

BodyO is an integrated smart Digital Platform to help launch and monitor an institutional, community, regional or even national health awareness Campaigns. It allows institutions to have the tools to positively influence the lives of citizens by offering them the opportunity to be aware of their health regularly.

Having BodyO in a medical government facility can lead to prevention from serious diseases such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, type II Diabetes, strokes, morbid obesity and some cancers.

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For Insurance Companies

With the global healthcare sector trying to reduce costs, health insurance institutions are joining the movement leading to prevention. Researchers estimate that 75% of all healthcare costs are directly linked to preventable chronic health conditions.

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For Health Institutions

BodyO is the perfect solution for hospitals, clinics and wellness centers to track their patients vitals, and make sure to address issues at the right time. The AI POD within your organisation, can reduce patient’s waiting times, and offer them a fun-holistic experience while tracking their vitals. The BodyO platform can help to anticipate health issues, and direct patients to the right specialist.

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For Corporates

Users will:

Decrease employee absenteeism ​• Decrease stress level • Lower health care and insurance costs • Increase employee retention • Improve employee morale • Increase productivity • Increase employee motivation ​• Increase motivation to practice healthy behaviors

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For Professionals

BodyO gives Coaches, nutritionists, doctors, and Home Care Professionals the ability to track and measure their customer and patients vitals through an innovative, integrated Health Care platform. BodyO is the future of wellness and fitness that is making the monitoring of client’s health much easier.

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