Step 2. Anticipate


Screen and identify individual health profiles to prevent any complication and act effectively

Bodyo© offers breakthroughs through a secure and intelligent platform

This platform bases its programs on the real state of health of its users integrating not only AIPOD's complete package of health measures, but as well taking into consideration background, habits, and genetics to provide a complete and personalized program by :

Anonymisation and security

Transferring, enriching and preparing data on a secure, anonymized and intelligent platform

Data Aggregation

Allowing individual and population-based data processing (scores, profiles and uses of AI) for better identification of measurement profiles in the general population for use by health professionals

Treatment delivering personalized support

Not only can end-users access an effective preventive approach, but entities can also have access to secure and anonymized health data to better anticipate. Our information system provides analytics for both global (over time) and individualized support