Family, Friends And Your Health

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Family, Friends And Your Health

Here’s why family and friends are important for your health 👪

1. Living a longer life

Researchers have reported that the health benefits of having good social support is roughly equal to one choosing to refrain from smoking! In other words, a decent social surrounding correlates to longer life spans.

2. Enjoying a healthier lifestyle

Closed friends and loved ones bear a positive influence on your lifestyle. One survey reported that 36% of individuals claim that being close to family and friends helps them eat healthy, while almost half agreed that their loved ones make a difference for having a healthy approach to life.

3. Reducing your stress

The occasional chat with a close relative helps reduce stress levels, say experts. One study showed that that the young benefit from a boost in the feel-good hormone oxytocin after speaking with their mothers on the phone, an effect which is logically retained as one grows older (after all, one’s never too old to be comforted by their mother).

4. Feeling less isolated

Regular social contact is vital to your mental health and in turn your physical health, the mere act of having your family around goes a long way for keeping a healthy mind.

5. Increasing family confidence

Spending time with your family does more than benefit you on an individual basis, but goes a long way for the family itself as well and especially for the children. Evidence shows that children benefit from higher self-esteem and greater social confidence when they spend more time with their parents.

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