Beginner’s Guide To Making Ice Cream


Beginner’s Guide To Making Ice Cream

The sun is out, embracing us with its warmth as its hot brilliant rays beat down on our backs.
It’s summer time, and with that, comes no better moment to bask in the sunshine at the
beach or in the local greenery, but to also keep in mind ways you can cool off and refresh
yourself. Why not prepare and personalize some of your very own homemade ice cream? In
this blog post, we’ll be covering BodyO’s favourite recipe for making ice cream at home, no
special equipment required!

We’ll be covering the two bowls method in order to make some classic vanilla ice cream in
its most basic form. Here’s the ingredients you’ll need (but feel free to add in your own
personal toppings and flavourings):

   – 475ml Heavy Cream
   – 235ml milk (cold)
   – 150g sugar
   – 6 egg yolks
   – 1 tbsp of vanilla extract
   – 1 tsp of salt

   1. First, divide the sugar in half and beat one portion in a small bowl with the egg yolks.
   Add the cream and remaining sugar into a separate pot and place on low heat,
   bringing it to a simmer. Stir the mixture for a few minutes before drizzling the warm
   cream into the eggs, whisking vigorously. Return the combined mixture back into the
   pot and return it to a low heat until it thickens. Quickly remove the pot off heat and stir
   in the cold milk, vanilla, and salt. Transfer to a large bowl and store in the refrigerator
   for up to 5 hours.

   2. Grab two large bowls, with one that can comfortably fit inside the other. Place the
   bowls and the ice cream mixture into the freezer for about 15 minutes. Fill the larger
   bowl with 4 parts ice (crush the ice in order to improve quicken the cooling process)
   and 1 part salt.

   3. Place the ice cream mixture into the smaller bowl and nest it inside the ice bowl.
   Ideally, you’ll want an electric mixer here and manually mixing it will be a workout of
   its own. Use the lowest setting on the mixer and mix for 10 minutes (or 15 minutes if
   churning manually). The larger bowl should start to cool the mixture as you mix it
   around, gradually making it fluffier. Occasionally scrape ice cream off the walls of the
   bowl with a spoon as the mixture starts to harden. As the freezing process comes to
   a finish, now comes the best time to add in your own personal toppings.

   4. Finally, place the mixture into the freezer for another hour, before removing and
   beating for an additional 5 minutes until it just starts becoming smooth or melting.
   Store in the freezer for at least 24 hours, before serving with a small bowl.

Vanilla Ice Cream is the most versatile flavour to go for as it works with virtually any topping
or fruit, making it a fantastic foundation for a healthier approach to dessert. Though, this
recipe also opens up avenues for experimentality. Perhaps try swapping vanilla for mint,
maybe get vibrant with some food colourings, or substitute milk with evaporated milk for a
smoother product with caramel undertones. We hope you enjoyed BodyO’s recommended
recipe, and remember to keep cool and stay active this summer!

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