Team Member Spotlight – Chloé Jacquot

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Chloé Jacquot

Cabine de santé Téléconsultation Télémédecine

This is Chloe, our marketing assistant, a 4th-year student at Espas Business & Biosciences, specialized in the health field following a bachelor’s degree in health sciences. 

Attracted to new technologies, e-health, and the entrepreneurial world, she naturally turned to Bodyo when she was looking for an internship.

As an intern, Chloé had a lot to learn when she arrived at Bodyo: how to manage multiple tasks at the same time, how to be organized and versatile between the various marketing areas, and last but not least, how to be picky about content. The most difficult challenge for her has been to create content for social networks that is as relevant and engaging as possible; a crucial task as it helps to build a community and grow the reputation of the company.

Organization is a key factor as it is crucial to well manage your time to stick to deadlines and not be overwhelmed. Also from the beginning, you must be imbued with the identity and the values of the company. In marketing, we are responsible for the image given to the client, so we must perfectly transcribe and communicate the essence of the company.

When Chloe is not working, she likes spending time with her family and friends, watching reports and documentaries on different themes. She is also passionate about horseback riding and motorsports and enjoys being able to practice or follow championships.

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